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Minneapolis, MN

Hennepin County

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Recommendation: Not Recommended

Minneapolis, MN Area Overview

Minneapolis is one part of the Twin Cities applied to the area. St Paul located on the east side of the Mississippi River being the other. These two cities do not like each other and compete with each other at everything you can think of.

There are plenty of IT opportunities in Minneapolis so this would be a location where you would be able to stay and find other opportunities if going there as an IT contractor when that completes.

Summertime in Minneapolis is beyond great with the finger lakes and other natural beauty in the surrounding area. Wintertime in Minneapolis is a much different story in Minneapolis. Winters are as horrible as they can be. Expect horribly cold temperatures, blustery winds and blizzards are common from October thru March.

There are several activities to keep you busy while you are there. All 4 major leagues have teams with the Twins, Vikings and Timberwolves playing in downtown Minneapolis and the Wild play their NHL home games in downtown St Paul. Other activities include summertime at Lake Harriet and Lake Calhoun, lots of weekend festivals during the summer.

Currently, the Minneapolis City Council has decided to disband the police department. What this means for the future is there will be no public security and experts expect crime to increase by at least 3 times what it presently is. Already officials in Minneapolis are giving citizens the same guidelines that are given to government officials and corporate executives when they travel to areas where crime and kidnapping are prevalent.

With the high potential for increased crime, Fossnel no longer recommends Minneapolis as your destination.

About Minnesota

Only Illinois and Michigan are more liberal than Minnesota in the Midwest. Once a major industrial hub many businesses have relocated to other states.

Minnesota is still a remarkably diverse economically and is a major Information Technology center with industries including Agriculture, Banking/Finance, Healthcare, Retail, and Insurance. Des Moines is home to either the home office or Regional Headquarters for many banking and insurance companies. Council Bluffs which is a suburb of Omaha, NE also is headquarters for Insurance Companies

Minnesota does have a state income tax which is one of the highest in the United States, which makes it a more desired location than those states. Most companies in Minnesota will compensate at the National Market Rate for salary and hourly wages.

With the Twin Cities a major metro area there is plenty for entertainment with concerts and sporting events. However, Restaurants and bars close at Midnight.

Minnesota’s main economic hubs is the Twin Cities thou there is the Mayo Clinic in Rochester. Other prominent locations are Duluth and Mankato. Many smaller cities still have breweries from their German heritage.


  • All Major Chains
  • All Major chains

Places of Interrest

  • The Finger Lakes
  • IDS Tower
  • Mall of America in nearby Bloomington
  • Twins MLB
  • Vikings NFL
  • Timberwolves NBA
  • Lynx WNBA
  • Wild NHL in nearby St Paul
  • Several Lakes in the surrounding areas of the Metropolitan area

Best Places to Stay

  • Along the lakes.
  • Suburbs.

Handicap Accessibility

  • Handicap friendly.
  • Winters can make it extremely tough to get around.

Public Transportation

  • Bus lines serve city and suburbs.


  • Typical big city driving
  • Public Transportation system that serves the surrounding suburbs with Minneapolis

Where not to Stay

  • Do not recommend downtown or near the University of Minnesota.


  • Summers can be very hot and humid.
  • Winters can be long, brutal and hard to cope with.
  • Sometimes you experience all four seasons in one day.
  • Normally just enough rain to help the agriculture industry.