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San Diego, CA

San Diego County

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Recommendation: Not Recommended

San Diego, CA Area Overview

Many consider San Diego a picturesque city, this is true but the facts are it is set in a desert terrain and there are several scenic places in the United States (Atlanta and Tennessee for example). San Diego bills itself as “America’s Finest City” possibly the worst case of false advertising known.

In San Diego we at Fossnel encountered some of the rudest arrogant people in the country and if you are from Texas and they find out you are from Texas you are treated extra rudely. San Diegans hatred of people from Texas at times borders on hate crimes.

Expect 60 percent of what your compensation is to go to taxes. Along with Federal Taxes, you State Income Taxes and taxes that are normally covered by health insurance. With IT wages you will be paying the same state tax rate as major movie stars or professional athletes.

It is easier to get disability in California than other states as you are taxed for it. Speaking of disability, if you are injured and require surgery no matter how minor, you will have to prove the surgery will not impede your ability to perform your duties no matter what they are.

When one of our Texas staff members moved to Melbourne, FL they were hit from behind at red stoplight. If this had occurred in San Diego, the accident would have automatically would have been blamed on the staff member and in all likely hood would have been taken to jail just because their license plate said Texas.

As for finding a place to stay in San Diego, since it is located in a Socialist Country you are only allowed to stay in any place for 28 days without a lease. Then you will have to leave for at least a day and then the 28 days starts over. You will also need perfect credit if you are not a California resident.

Fossnel does not recommend San Diego, CA under any circumstance.

About California

California is also known has the ‘Sunshine State’ and brags about its weather. Forget that along the bays in San Francisco and San Diego it is extremely cold in July. If you stay up late and can catch a baseball game from one of the cities in the bay, you will notice several people bundled up like they are in Lambeau Field in December. The climate in California varies depending on which part of the state that you are in. The desert in the east and south part of the state is much warmer than the coastal areas.

California has an outrageously high state income tax along with other socialist taxes which usually no one can explain. For the amount, an IT contractor should be compensated expect your overall tax rate to be around 60 percent. California’s State Sales Tax is one of the highest if not the highest in the United States. Most companies in California do not pay the National Market Rate for salary and hourly which makes California even more non-enticing to take a position if offered. Companies then claim no one wants the jobs.

Tourism is one of California’s largest industries, however there are several other industries where IT jobs are plentiful. Government Run Program’s are the largest industries outside of Silicon Valley. Healthcare like everywhere else is in huge demand.

California does have one of the highest unemployment payment amounts in the United States, should you have to file which I hate to say is the best part of California. The employee has more rights in California than any other state, which if should have problems with an employer will put a lot of options in your court.

The employment reemployment assistance website for California like other states is incompetent if it is working so if you must file you will probably have to do by mail.

If you are from certain places you will no be looked upon very unfavorably especially those from Texas and the Southeastern states. If you are from Texas do your best to not let anyone know or else you will suffer abuse of you which you probably never thought was possible that you would have to endure in your life. Cars keyed, people intentionally shoving shopping carts into your vehicle are just a few things some Californians will do.

As for college football, there is a radio station in San Diego who openly campaigned that the University of Texas should not to be allowed to play in a bowl game played in San Diego thou by some agreement with the bowl schedulers, Texas’s finish in the regular season placed them in that game. However, there are a lot of Dallas Cowboys fans.

Overall, California is a nice place to visit but you do not want to live there and does not rank very for work environment.


  • All Major Chains
  • Most of the main chain restaurants
  • Nicks at the Beach
  • Rocky’s in Pacific Beach

Places of Interrest

  • Embarcadero
  • Mission Valley
  • Pacific Beach
  • Ocean Beach
  • Mission Beach
  • Gaslamp District
  • Padres baseball
  • Canyon trails
  • Close to mountains and desert
  • Old Town

Best Places to Stay

Handicap Accessibility

  • Handicap accessible
  • Terrain can make it difficult

Public Transportation

  • Bus and Rail System
  • Major hub at Old Town
  • Buses provide service to all San Diego areas
  • Three rail lines - each covering different areas
  • All rail lines serve downtown
  • Amtrac goes along the coast to Los Angeles
  • Coaster Service from Downtown to Oceanside


  • Not as congested as Los Angeles to the north

Where not to Stay

  • Extended Stays are not allowed as you can only stay 28 days


  • Temps are usually around 70 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Along the beach and, a very cold wind that will cut through you.
  • May Gray June Bloom - will not see sun during these months
  • Rarely rains but when it does usually lasts all day