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Gainesville, FL

Alachua County

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Gainesville, FL Area Overview

Gainesville is very much a college town and the home of the University of Florida one of the largest Universities in the United States. It is also home to Santa Fe College which offers two and four year degrees. With the Universities here Gainesville is a very liberal city and in many ways is similar to California and the Northeast. It is the most liberal areas in Florida. A huge difference between California and Gainesville is that the people in Gainesville are much nicer although there is some arrogance found in California most of it comes from the University.

In Gainesville, everything revolves around the University of Florida and especially the athletic department with the players on the football being considered almost gods. If I had a daughter under no circumstance would I let her attend the University of Florida because well the male athletes can do wrong and will do what they please and the authorities in Gainesville will turn their heads the other direction.

There are some companies in Gainesville who have partnered up with the University of Florida and will fall under the protection of the University in the Gainesville community in other words you would have no legal recourse if you were to work for said company.

About Florida

Florida is known has the ‘Sunshine State’ and with good reason, plenty of sun year-round along with miles and miles and miles of beaches.

Florida does not have a state income tax which makes it a desired location. Believe it or not Florida’s State Sales Tax is lower than most other states especially California and New Jersey which have State Income Tax. Most companies in Florida will compensate at the National Market Rate for salary and hourly which makes Florida even more enticing to take a position if offered.

Tourism is one of Florida’s largest industries, however there are several other industries where IT jobs are plentiful. The Space Program and companies they provide technologies for space and air flight are also plentiful. Government jobs in other areas outside the space program are universally available. Healthcare like everywhere else is in huge demand.

Florida is the worst place in the United States to be unemployed in. One, everything favors the employer, they have all the control and can do whatever they please and the state employment office automatically accepts their decision. The employment reemployment assistance and the websites are very incompetent and have been for years, in fact any employer that I have worked for and at these sites would never be allowed to be put into production. If you must apply for unemployment in Florida,

Overall, Florida is not the worst or best place to be but Fossnel still ranks it high and if you like the beach, it is the place to be.

Florida State Tax Link: No State Income Tax


  • All Major Chains
  • Gainesville has all the main chain restaurants except Hooter’s and Buffalo Wild Wings.
  • Limited chains with locations in Gainesville include the Wing House which is a Hooter’s copycat and
  • Miller’s Ale House.
  • Notable other places to check out:
  • Northwest Grille in North Gainesville – seafood specialty which Fossnel gives 5 stars.
  • Amelia’s and Gingers in downtown Gainesville.

Places of Interrest

  • University of Florida Athletics
  • Area Lakes – there are several
  • The Ocean is 60 miles away in either direction
  • Several bike paths most popular is Gainesville to Hawthorne
  • Hippodrome State Theatre – plays year round
  • Phillips Center on The University of Florida campus

Best Places to Stay

  • North side of the city
  • For Extended Stay - Woodspring Suites

Handicap Accessibility

  • Hilly for Florida but handicap friendfly

Public Transportation

  • Gainesville has a public bus system called RTS.
  • Most buses route into the University of Florida.
  • The are other buses route into Santa Fe College and the Oaks Mall.


  • Gainesville is an extremely dangerous place to drive.
  • Streets are much too narrow especially in the inner city.
  • Like most places in Florida, many people drive as much as 20mph below the posted speed limit.
  • Riding the bumper like a Nascar driver at any speed.
  • Way too many people do the dangerous practice of backing into parking spaces.
  • Stoplights are long some red lights lasting up to 5 minutes at certain locations.
  • Large number of people do not stop on the right turn on red, only Atlanta and San Diego are comparable.
  • Lots of roundabouts and drivers who do not know how to use them. Accidents waiting to happen.

Where not to Stay

  • Southwest part of Gainesville is where University of Florida students lived


  • Typical Florida weather – hot and humid when the sun is out
  • Rains almost every day.
  • Unlike the coast areas the rain tends to last a lot longer.