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Sioux Falls, SD

Minnehaha County

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Sioux Falls, SD Area Overview

Largest city in South Dakota and rapidly growing. Originally known as an agriculture center for the surrounding area it is now diversified to several other industries including retail, finance, and healthcare.

Most opportunities in the IT field are in the financial sector as Sioux Falls is the home to several Credit Card companies including the home office for Citigroup’s credit card offerings along with First Premier Bank and other smaller financial institutions call Sioux Falls home. Wells Fargo also has a large operation there as well.

The Healthcare Industry is also growing with Sanford Health and Avera-McKennan.

Sioux Falls is home to several popular minor sports teams which include the Canaries Independent League Baseball. Other teams are a USHA Junior League hockey and NBA development team the Skyforce.

One thing you will notice in Sioux Falls is that a lot of places and buildings are named Sanford. This is after the founder of First Premier Bank founder Denny Sanford and his contributions to the city.

Extended Stays in Sioux Falls are limited in Sioux Falls with Woodspring Suites being the only true long-term stay.

There are usually between 4 and 6 months out of the year to play golf and the courses can get pretty crowded so tee-times are especially important. Almost all the small towns around Sioux Falls have at least 9-hole courses and are worth checking out.

The Big Sioux River runs through Sioux Falls and bike path runs along the river.

Most nationally syndicated radio programs are carried by the Sioux Falls radio stations.

Most nationally syndicated radio programs are carried by the Sioux Falls radio stations.

About South Dakota

South Dakota is becoming more economically diverse from its agriculture-based past. Banking laws passed in the late 70’s early 80’s has enticed several financial institutions to open some type of operation there.

South Dakota does not have a state income tax which makes it a desired location. Believe it or not South Dakota’s State Sales Tax is lower than most other states especially California and New Jersey which have State Income Tax. Most companies in South Dakota do not compensate at the National Market Rate for salary and hourly making South Dakota less enticing to take a position if offered.

Sioux Falls is the main economic hub and by far the largest regions in South Dakota with almost one third of South Dakota population living the Sioux Falls metro area. Several Financial Institutions have some form of their credit card operations there. The big drawback for South Dakota there is a limited number of opportunities for Software Developers.

South Dakota State Tax Link: No State Income Tax


  • All Major Chains
  • Keg Beer Lounge - best Chicken and Chislic anywhere
  • Most major chain restaurants

Places of Interrest

  • Falls of the Big Sioux River
  • Battleship South Dakota
  • Different quarries around the area
  • Empire Mall
  • Bike Trial along Big Sioux River
  • Sioux Falls Skyforce - NBA G League Basketball
  • Sioux Falls Canaries - Independent Baseball Team
  • Sioux Falls Storm - USHL Hockey Team

Best Places to Stay

  • Everywhere in the city is normally ok.
  • Most new development is on southwest side.

Handicap Accessibility

  • Handicap friendly
  • Winters can make it extremely tough to get around.
  • Sioux Falls is a hilly city which could also make certain areas difficult.

Public Transportation

  • Bus service inside the city of Sioux Falls


  • Congested on the west side near shopping areas.
  • Ice and snow will hinder driving in wintertime

Where not to Stay

  • Extreme north side south of I90.


  • Summers can be very hot and humid.
  • Winters can be long, brutal and hard to cope with.
  • Sometimes you experience all four seasons in one day.
  • Normally just enough rain to help the agriculture industry.