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Melbourne, FL


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Melbourne, FL Area Overview

Melbourne is in the part of the area in Florida known as the Space Coast due to its proximity to Kennedy Space Center and much of Melbourne’s Economy relies on Space Program. Industries and businesses connected with the Space Program dominate the economic landscape of the Melbourne area.

Melbourne and Brevard County have had over 50 years to get complaint with the Americans with Disability Act. Unfortunately, they are not anywhere close to being in compliance and is a devasting place to be if you are handicapped. This all-in spite that a large portion of the population are senior citizens many who have relocated here for the weather and other obstacles associated with advanced age and health concerns.

Public transportation in the Brevard County is managed by Space Coast Area Transit which covers all the Space Coast Cities in Brevard County. It is our feeling that it is the worst public transportation systems we have ever encountered. Buses use a circular route pattern although there a couple routes that do an outbound and inbound route. What should take you an hour even by bus can take at least 3 hours. 2 hours is the minimum time for running to a store and back even if the store is 10 minutes down the road. Despite the bus route problems, the drivers are friendly.

About Florida

Florida is known has the ‘Sunshine State’ and with good reason, plenty of sun year-round along with miles and miles and miles of beaches.

Florida does not have a state income tax which makes it a desired location. Believe it or not Florida’s State Sales Tax is lower than most other states especially California and New Jersey which have State Income Tax. Most companies in Florida will compensate at the National Market Rate for salary and hourly which makes Florida even more enticing to take a position if offered.

Tourism is one of Florida’s largest industries, however there are several other industries where IT jobs are plentiful. The Space Program and companies they provide technologies for space and air flight are also plentiful. Government jobs in other areas outside the space program are universally available. Healthcare like everywhere else is in huge demand.

Florida is the worst place in the United States to be unemployed in. One, everything favors the employer, they have all the control and can do whatever they please and the state employment office automatically accepts their decision. The employment reemployment assistance and the websites are very incompetent and have been for years, in fact any employer that I have worked for and at these sites would never be allowed to be put into production. If you must apply for unemployment in Florida,

Overall, Florida is not the worst or best place to be but Fossnel still ranks it high and if you like the beach, it is the place to be.


  • All Major Chains
  • Meg O’Malleys
  • Long Doggers
  • Burger Palace - Downtown
  • Drew and Brew's
  • Main Street

Places of Interrest

  • The beaches
  • Downtown Melbourne
  • Andretti motor park
  • Kennedy Space Center
  • Cocoa Beach – Port Canaveral
  • Eau Gallie Art District
  • Wickham Park

Best Places to Stay

  • Apartments in the Wickham Park Area
  • Viera/Rockledge Area

Handicap Accessibility

  • Most areas are not handicap accessible
  • Does not meet ADA requirements
  • Many people in the area do not accept Handicap
  • Most people on buses refuse to allow handicap to take seats designated for handicap
  • Handicap are treated rudely in public

Public Transportation

  • Space Coast Area Transit serving Brevard County
  • No light rail service
  • Buses use circular routes
  • Bus drivers are friendly and helpful
  • Short trips can take up to 3 hours to complete
  • People do not let others get off the bus before riders who are trying to get off


  • Normal Florida bad driving

Where not to Stay

  • Legacy at Hibiscus Apartments
  • Extended Stay America - Airport
  • Suburban Suites


  • Can rain nearly every day.
  • Unlike the coast areas the rain tends to last a lot longer.
  • Hot and humid in the summer
  • Mild winters
  • Hurricanes/Tropical Storms have been happening since time began despite what media and politicians will tell you
  • Brevard County is a very windy area