Fossnel Personal Information Changes

Website Personal Information Change is not Allowed

Trouble changing your physical address or email address with a company or government agency? Well, you are not alone. Several companies seem to feel it is a felony crime if you should dare change your mailing address, your email or even your phone number.

The following is a list of companies who will not allow or make it impossible to modify your address in other words if you have moved for any reason and want to update your address or contact information you will all but not totally allowed too. In many cases your reason for changing your address is essential. Your bank account information where you may need to enter your billing zip code to use your debit/ATM card or when shopping online and at billing have to enter in your billing address and yes there are some financial institutions that make this impossible. Even if you have an email account to receive notifications or other essential information and you drop this email account or no longer wish to use it, some institutions will not let that happen either. Good luck o with these entities.

Company Name Change Type Comments
JP Morgan Chase Billing Address No matter how many times you go online and change your billing address JP Morgan Chase will set your billing address to whatever they decide it should be and of course leaving you in a guessing game.
Kohls Unsubscribe No matter how many times you unsubscribe from receiving email from Kohl’s you will still receive emails daily minimum.
Facebook Email If you want to change your preferred email address for whatever reason that may be Facebook will revert you back to your original.
Panzer Solutions Unsubscribe Click on unsubscribe there will be no reply back confirming your request and you will still receive emails.
Yahoo Email Attempt to discontinue using their email service and delete your account. However, it will not let you to discontinue using their email service and emails can still be sent to your email account.