Fossnel's Extended Stay Description

Budget Suites


The Budget Suites consider themselves more of an apartment complex than a hotel chain. The rooms are more like studio apartments than their competitors excluding the Marriot or Hilton chain’s long term stays. They often post monthly rent amount with nearby apartment complexes to their rates.

Rooms are set up differently than they are at conventional motels/hotels. The bedroom is separated with a door to enter the room and an open counter between the rest of the room and bedroom. Over the counter is a sliding curtain that you can pull to enclose the room. There is a closet along one side of the bedroom with fold up doors and plenty of room to hang your clothes. The supplied TV sits on the counter and can be turned to either the bedroom or the main room.

The kitchen is a regular kitchen with full refrigerator and stove but no supplied microwave. You can rent kitchen utensils from the front desk, but we recommend you bring your own supplies. Microwaves are available for extra payment amount on the room rate. There is also plenty of room to store kitchen supplies and food items. Rooms do contain a table in the kitchen area.

The best thing about the Budget Suites, is that they allow you to bring a lot of your personal belongings into your room. These include your own furniture as long as it fits and your own TV. If you have a south facing room and would like to use a satellite service for your TV viewing you are allowed, just have the satellite service set it up.

The biggest difference between Budget Suites and other Extended Stays is that you are required to provide most of your own services typically supplied by motel chains. These include providing your own bathroom items such as hygiene and towels. Bedding is not supplied unless you want to pay a substantial amount per week. Lastly, you will have to clean your own room. The rooms are cleaned before you move in, but they clean while you are there.


Compares their property with local are apartment complexes
Located primarily in the Dallas/Ft Worth area
Full kitchen with oven
Will allow satellite TV along has your room faces south
Can use your own furniture
Bring your own appliances
Need your own towels and bedding
Bedroom separate after pulling shade and there is a door
Full closet
Couch – table
Wireless internet
No cleaning service – clean own room
No bathroom entities – provide your own
Laundry facilities – must purchase tokens
Can receive mail
Daily, weekly and monthly rates