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Nebraska is still a remarkably diverse economically and is a major Information Technology center with industries including Agriculture, Banking/Finance, Healthcare, Retail, and Insurance. Des Moines is home to either the home office or Regional Headquarters for many banking and insurance companies. Council Bluffs which is a suburb of Omaha, NE also is headquarters for Insurance Companies

Nebraska does have a state income tax. Nebraska law states that if you work one day in the state you are a resident and will pay income tax on all your earnings for the year. If you do come from a state that does not have an income tax and have to file a non-resident income tax return you will pay a tax on a large portion of your non-Nebraska income. Most companies in Nebraska will compensate at the National Market Rate for salary and hourly wages.

As for entertainment, Iowa across the Missouri River has River Boat gambling, and many Nebraska residents go across the border to gamble. Gambling in Nebraska is illegal and highly enforced even office pools are investigated by law enforcement. On the Nebraska side, restaurants, and bars close earlier than other states.

Nebraska’s really own main economic hubs is the Omaha metro area and there are several IT opportunities in the city.