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Texas is known has the ‘Lonestar State’ and the most stereotyped state in the United States. It is also home to some of the nicest people you will meet especially those native to Texas.

Texas does not have a state income tax which makes it an even more desired location. Texas’s State Sales Tax is high but lower than most other states especially California and New Jersey which do have a State Income Tax. Most companies in Texas will compensate at the National Market Rate for salary and hourly which makes Texas even more enticing to take a position if offered.

One of Texas’s stereotypes is that everyone walks around with a gun and OK corral type shoot outs occur nightly in the streets. No, they do not, in fact Texas gun laws in some cases are extremely strict. Carry any type of firearm into a place that serves alcohol and you looking at up to 10 years in prison.

Texas’s business climate allows for plenty of opportunity in a variety of industries throughout the state and once there you will be able to find sustainable employment.

Another stereotype is that the oil industry is it is only an oil industry state. There are several other industries in Texas where IT jobs are plentiful. In fact, Texas is a extraordinary diverse state with plenty of opportunities.

For entertainment, they are several places int the state that require you to be a member of the bar you are in and it not you will have to get a membership. Each city and county in Texas is different with their laws on this matter. Some places do charge for the membership, but most no longer do. The so named uni-card membership is the most popular and most accepted. Your Texas Drivers license is also frequently used and may now be the most common form of membership, but a record of each visit is kept with the state as it is swiped into a card reader much like a credit card.

As for the state income tax, Texas has an influx of people moving in and businesses relocating from the Socialist Republic of California. The Democratic party of California has told their constituents that they will do what it takes to force Texas to implement a state income tax. Many of the relocated have brought their attitudes to Texas and with more and more Californians resettling in Texas along with those from the New England States we expect it is only a matter of time before at state income tax is implemented in Texas.

Overall, Texas is perhaps best place to be and work in the United States and Fossnel still ranks it highest in its rankings.